heidigrayusaf What is the difference between Blackberrys and other cell phones that have QWERTY boards?
I am up for my new every 2 with Verizon and I don’t know what to pick! I am able to get a Blackberry Curve 8330, or a variety of Samsung phones, like the Alias 2. I am not sure what the blackberry is giving me that the Alias 2 isn’t. I don’t plan on using the phone to go on the web or email, but if the Curve has other things on it that might be worthwhile (like PDA type things) that might be cool. Any suggestions?

Answer by funkyfeet
blackberry is very useful when it comes to push emails and bbm.
it also helpful with the calender organizer and planner but i think samsung does that as well and samsung might be better with its media option and music mo3 downloads and stuff because it competes with iphone on that feature.
in short, if you don’t have a use for either of the 2 (push email or bbm), you are better off with a samsung or other models.

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