K.D How do you use a Samsung Galaxy Stellar?
I recently upgraded my old phone to a Samsung Galaxy stellar. I have tried reading the manual, looking for tips online and all but I feel lost. Its my first smartphone ever too.

So I have a couple of questions such as:

-Can I take snapshots of my screen? If so, how?
-Can I remove the pre-installed apps that I dont use or need? (Such as Google magazines and Audible)
-I can use an external mini SD card and I’m wondering if I can install apps into the card. I know it sounds impossible but I’m just tired of running out of internal memory every 5 seconds. I don’t even have that many things saved on my phone (again, its kinda new). I would like to know the true purpose of the sd card aside from having pics and music and whatnot.
-Speaking of, how do I tell my phone to save any future pictures into my sd card? I hate having to do it manually through a computer.

Those are the few questions I just cant figure out. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer by Darwin
-depends for screenshots you would have to go into settings to check

-no you can not uninstall apps that are preexisting from the copmany check my apps in play store too see what you can uninstall

-you can use your sd card for a storage space for apps but you can get an app that does that for you or do it manually everytime

-go to settings and set your sd card as your primary storage unit and it should do it

hopefully i helped somehow

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