Liliane What kind of smartphone would you suggest, besides iPhone?
I’ve been using HTC Diamond for about four years, and now I want to change it to another phone. Some of my friends suggest iPhone, but personally I don’t feel very comfortable with it. Maybe because it doesn’t have home display for instance and other reasons. Now is there any phone you can suggest? With great specs of course.

Answer by stu
it depends on the carrier, but i would probably stick with Android. WP8 is pretty good as well though.
for windows Phone 8, i would stick with the HTC 8X. its a very nice windows phone.
for android, again, it depends on the carrier, but here are the top phones right now.
Nexus 4
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Droid DNA
Droid Razr HD.

Just stick with something that has a dual core or quad core processor, and a 720P screen and it runs andorid 4.0 or higher and you will be thrilled with it.

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